harassment is not a virtual issue

I’m working out the mechanics of reblogging, so I’ll risk putting my comment here as well as on the rockstardinosaurpirateprincess blog and see how it works
If I may add a thought of my own, there is a natural, if unpleasant habit of most creatures to want to be strongest, thereby getting more food and better breeding rights, even when they already have enough. Unfortunately humans are so ‘intelligent’ that they will form rules, laws and societies to gang up on anything that looks like a weaker group, and if that group also thinks it is weaker then the first group will probably win. Until the second group realises it is an illusion, at which point you get an uprising. How else could the English, and a few others, run slave plantations of hundreds of individuals with a few lightly armed men. The Axis forces led thousands to slaughter who knew they would die at the work camps and prisons, yet even when they had nothing to lose they didn’t attack their oppressors. Fortunately the majority usually works out that it’s a con, eventually and we can only hope that it hasn’t learned too much from its bullies and replicates them. There is one kind of hero. She or he who immediately attacks the aggressor proportionate to the perceived threat, I wouldn’t recommend shooting the bum-grabber, in spite of the immediate appeal.

rockstar dinosaur pirate princess

I was going to write something about drinking this week, because it’s been a while, and last week’s post was kinda feministy and I like to usually mix things up a bit in between the being Really Angry About Things but something, well, two somethings but really the same something, happened this week which made me, well, Really Angry about Things.

Thing 1 – Sue Perkins – cake botherer, national treasure and all round amazing person – was hounded off Twitter due to some baseless rumours that she could be in the running to present Top Gear. For non UK people, Top Gear is ostensibly a program about cars, but for many years has basically been a vehicle (oh, lol) for the champion of the sort of people that say things like  “I’m not a bigot but I should be allowed to say these things it’s political correctness gone mad MAD I…

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